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Hercules (1997)

Castellano (Spanish)= La Virtud, Long Ago (Spanish) [Hace mucho tiempo], The Gospel Truth I (Spanish) [Tan cierto como tú - I], The Gospel Truth II (Spanish) [Tan cierto como tú - II], The Gospel Truth III (Spanish) [Tan cierto como tú - III], Go The Distance (Spanish) [Ése es mi destino!], Go The D...

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Doug was my favorite! @Rósa Guðjónsdóttir Fairytale Barnett <----- LOL! Staci, did you change your name to vintage fairy tale Barnett? Because I typed your name & this is what Pinterest came up with. This is funnier than Doug's joke.

Beauty & The childhood favorite

12 Questions Disney Forgot To Answer About "Beauty And The Beast" <--Seriously, this is FUNNY.

it's been nearly 3 years and i still cannot get over how amazing and beautiful and touching this movie is. uncontrollable weeping, every time. i ♥ pixar.

summer casual 2, created by coombsie24 on polyvore

"We are The Muses: Goddesses of the Arts, and Proclaimers of Heroes!" "Heroes like Hercules!" "Oh, Honey, you mean HUNK-ules!!!"

The Swan Princess, teaching little girls about how men don't think before they speak since 1994...

Guys. The next time I have an awesome teacher. And I don't want to be in class. I'm gonna say "Hey, I've been turned into a cow. Can I go home?" And the true test of their awesome will be if they say "you're excused"!!!! Foolproof plan! Nothing can go wrong!!

If you remember this movie them you more than likely quote this part of the movie every time you see it lol.. I know I do!

Anna and Kristoff - They're so cute together ♥ FROZEN!!!


The Emperor's New Groove! love Kronk! :)...still upset my boyfriend let his niece take it...totally distroyed it!