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Storm could above a tornado

Oil--Trish Madison--I believe it was taken in Kuwait. When SadamHussain realized he couldn't have Kuwait he set fires to over 600 Kuwaiti oil wells. It took over 7 months to put out the fires and was one of the largest environmental tragedies according to TIME

Tornado When the tornado approached my Grandpa Peter's home, he told us he decided to go with our bed-ridden Grandma should they take a hit. They survived unscathed, but his decision was a testament to his deep love for his life sweetheart. Those were the days when people solved problems together and lasted in their marriages despite hardship. K.W. .

Somewhere, a butterfly flapped its wings

Tornado. Sometimes mirrors life. Something so beautiful...yet so deadly, so majestic...yet utterly destructive.

Amazing Tornado captured by Warren Faidley, the "Cyclone Cowboy",who has experienced more extreme weather events than anyone, including flash floods, lightning strikes, an F5 tornado, and the interior of a category 5 hurricane.Warren makes his living year round as a professional storm-chaser. photo credit: ©Warren Faidley WOW!!!

wow. mother nature at work and there is a rainbow. God showing that he is there in time of danger

I'm in Alabama surrounded by tornadoes, apparently. A trash can next to the rooftop hot tub was flipped by a gust. I got outta there.