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  • Katie Batenhorst

    How a US Marine deals with a cheating girlfriend. Like a boss.

  • Meghan Gage

    Breakup :)

  • Sara Gustin

    Reminder to the men and women with those serving: it is just as hard, if not harder, for those over seas serving for their country than it is for you to be surrounded by your friends and family. Stay true, stay faithful.

  • April Darr


  • Mel A.

    How to end a relationship like a boss funny picture

  • Isaac Varela

    this man is a hero in two ways now..... one for being in the service defending our freedom.... and two for teaching this bitch that u dont mess with a man trying to save your whiney ass

  • Carolyn Haire

    Soldier breaking up like a boss!

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This would be intresting i have to say i would try this but only once!! and i would be on the tip top so if i fall all these people will be my cushion ahahaha

Lol haha. Thats my type of person. Scare everyone and make it funny while doing it.

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Ha! My boy, whose room sorta looks like this, stares at the picture and says, "He's got some good pieces."

This movie makes me so happy. I'm dying of laughter right now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!