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Something shifted in me. I thought, “I am not going to walk unless I walk for MYSELF,” meaning, I’m not going to walk for the values that tell me that I must look a certain way. I’m only going to walk in support of myself as I am. ✯ Sun Goddess .:☆:. Credits: Mirror Mirror Makeup Artist Tiffany Stone ✯

from Kelley and Cricket

Sticky Garlic Quinoa Noodles (An’s Famous Garlic Noodles Copycat, 15 minutes, Gluten-free)

These sticky garlic noodles taste just like the An’s Famous Garlic Noodles and can be made in under 15 minutes! And my version is gluten free! One word of caution- they are so very addictive! I strongly advise you use chopsticks to eat these tasty noodles so you don’t inhale them too quickly (as I did ;))! I just couldn’t get enough!

Demeter by Yingxi Chu(jjlovely, PRC) : Demeter is the Greek goddess of the harvest, especially grains like wheat. Supposedly, the 1st loaf of bread was sacrificed to gain her favor. She is the creator in a sense of the seasons as wintertime is her grieving over her daughter Persephone who stays with Hades at this time of year.