DIY silk scarf into necklace. Def. doing this - I need a trip to the thrift store!

jersey knit bracelets. just made two but used a t-shirt that was in the "garage-sale" pile!

DIY Plaited Bracelet

DIY Bracelets


Recycled T-shirt Carpet. i am always making rag rugs. I just tie the pieces together and the knots dont really matter. always take a ball of torn rags in the car and work on the rug when i am a passenger.


DIY gift bows made from recycled magazines

Garments - Mandy Pattullo

braided silk necklace

The Life of a Cheap Chickadee: Fabric Scraps Necklace

Love these scarves. and this flower is great. ive made tons with fabric. did not think to use Tshirt. I will now!! 20 DIY Ideas For Scarf Which Is Going To Be Trendy This Spring 2013

DIY PomPom Necklace that I'm going to want to try to make. I think this might take me around 3 hours for first go, and then an hour after that for each necklace. So awesome!

Another t-shirt scarf.

That's it... I'm running to the thrift store on the way home and snagging that scarf I saw. Hopefully, it's still there :crosses fingers:

Neon #braided #necklace DIY

awesome DIY

Scarf Watchband...let's do!

DIY necklace display (use for craft show!)

Is this ugly or cool?? Scarf necklace by We Love Vera, makes for a fun DIY idea! Silk scarves are cut into strips, knotted and strung into a colorful scarf necklace hybrid.