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The Most Beautiful Discovery True Friends Can Make Is That They Can Grow Separately, Without Growing Apart.

I really like this quote... let them hurl themselves into their own destiny, but be prepared to help pick up the pieces

Good friends are rare, thankful I have a few of them, helped me through a lot and I LOVE them, they are amazing.. so Thanks to you for standing by me and understanding...

And I've need my friends more than ever this week. So thank you to Kim Verbance and Jacquelynn, and Lori Black, and Tammy, and especially to poor Sara who was stuck with me for 8 hours a day and had no where to hide while I cried on her shoulder. I love you all.

So true. True friendship = seeing the strangeness in each other and whole-heartedly embracing it (literally and figuratively)! :)

Being thankful = life, it's that simple.

free printable to share. This would be beautiful in a white frame as a gift for your support group leader or a friend that makes all the difference in your life.

friendship. I miss my friends.

There is a moment that hits two souls making them think: How is it, that I survived so long without this feeling, without this love?

I know I say this almost everyday....but I wouldnt be the same without my amazing friends! :)

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and will sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words."