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For Lexi! Love you!

I was complaining about this in my friends car the other day, but she has the tall people problem and can't see the road if the visor is down haha we are totally opposite in stature.it's funny :)

And it always takes me a few try's before it stays without falling back down

Short girl problem - Having to throw stuff onto the higher shelves because you can't reach them (and even worse when you have to try more than one time, because the stuff always falls back)

@Morgan Pendleton why does this remind me of u? :) miss u!

My brother told me aliens and monsters lived under the bed.then the next morning I stuck my led off and hit the dog's leg and thought it was a monster's leg.from then on i would crawl to the end of the bed and take a flying leap out of my room :D

hahaha yes!!

Tall people problems : when your capris really should be considered shorts. LOL, so true!

"The only thing worse than having a spider in your room. Is losing a spider in your room!" :: Lc- they're always easy to find though. Just look under your pillow.

mhmm...pretty much

Art of Short People Problems short-stuff. its like when my friends force me 2 check @ Chesington or Thorpe Park if im tall enough

I thought everyone had this issue

Short People Problems- I didn't even realize this wasn't normal? Does this truly only happen to short people? I don't think I'm that short.

Haha I get this all the time!

"I made a joke and a woman said I wasn't old enough to make the joke and I told her I was 22 and she said "well I was thinking you where about 10 years younger then that." I had to keep that, it was to funny to delete.

It's okay to be short..LOL

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