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    If you accidentally lock your keys in the car and don't have your wedge and metal rod handy, you can often unlock the car from the outside using nothing but your shoelace. Break Into Your Car Safely with a Door Stop and Metal Rod Break Into Your Car Safely with a Door Stop and Metal Rod Break Into Y...

    Unlock Your Car From the Outside with a Shoelace

    • Jean MacKinnon Dittrich

      Unlock your car door from the outside with just a shoe string. Better for your car than a slim jim - if it works.

    • Lori Weeks

      Unlock Your Car From the Outside with a Shoelace - good to know - IF you have the right kind of door locks ♣ 12.2.16

    • Just Sage

      Locked out of your car and need to break in ASAP? Unlace a shoelace from one of your shoes and you've got yourself the only tool you need to open your car door from the outside. Simply make a slipknot in the middle of the shoelace and pull the slipknot into the inside of the car through the corner crack between the car door and the car frame.....

    • Asher Crosby

      Unlock your car door from the outside with just a shoe string. This wont work on every car but if the car you need in, for what ever reason, has this type of lock or similar type it may work.

    • Erica Smith

      Locked your keys in the car? Unlock your car door with a shoelace. I did this & it ACTUALLY worked!

    • Corey Idleburg

      Getting in your car with a shoelace. Awesome idea

    • Marisa Enroth

      Open your locked car door with a shoelace

    • Felix Larkin

      #Car accessory #Cars #Cars and such

    • Hegure Ryu

      Unlock car door with shoe lace.

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