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New Nostalgia/Amy Bowman

the secret to easy-to-peel boiled eggs

  • Shannon DeVaul
    Shannon DeVaul • 2 years ago

    gotta try this!!!

  • Christy Eastman
    Christy Eastman • 2 years ago

    Now I'm scared that the deviled eggs at the pot luck had someone's mouth on top of them blowing on the eggs!

  • Julie Wight-McGrew
    Julie Wight-McGrew • 2 years ago

    that's funny about the pot luck, but i have mastered the hard boiled egg b/c of this tip! thanks!

  • Patti Donath
    Patti Donath • 2 years ago

    You can also add salt to your water while boiling the egg and they will peel alot easier.. I never measure the amount I use, but I am generous with it.

  • Terrie Kemble
    Terrie Kemble • 2 years ago

    I always put them in cold water and cook 9-10 minutes. If any are hard to peel after that, usually running them under cold water for a second does it.

  • Kristi Betts
    Kristi Betts • 2 years ago

    I learned in Home Ec how to make perfect boiled eggs. Terri, you are cooking them too long. Put eggs in cold water, when it begins boiling, set the timer for 4 minutes. Then remove from the heat and cover for 17 minutes. They will be perfect!

  • Robin Reeder
    Robin Reeder • 2 years ago

    We have always poked a hole in the rounded end, which allows water in (and bubbles out, often) and then cook 10 minutes. They peel wonderfully.

  • Joni Shrawder
    Joni Shrawder • 2 years ago

    What is the trick? I'm not quite sure I get it from this picture...

  • Jo Miller-Gress
    Jo Miller-Gress • 2 years ago

    that just made me want to stop eating boiled eggs - YUCK

  • Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson • 2 years ago

    I don't get it from this pic either. What's the technique?

  • Jo Miller-Gress
    Jo Miller-Gress • 2 years ago

    if u click on the pic-it will take u to site & explains how to do it- basically u peel a small hole in top & then put ur mouth over that & blow- it will loosen the egg from shell & make it easier to peel.Sorry but I just find that as being nasty

  • Cheryl Hopkins Land
    Cheryl Hopkins Land • 2 years ago

    eggs peel easy when still warm from cooking

  • Angela Johnson
    Angela Johnson • 2 years ago

    I think Martha Stewart puts eggs in cold water and brings to boil. cover and turn off heat. after 17 minutes, put in an ice bath. I let them stay in for a min or so and they usually peel really easy.

  • RubyHeart ♡
    RubyHeart ♡ • 2 years ago

    Be aware that your altitude affects cooking time. When I lived in California, I would cover eggs with cold water, bring it to a boil, then turn off the heat and let them sit 15 minutes. Now I'm in Colorado and that method doesn't get them fully cooked. Through trial and error, I found the answer was to bring it to a boil then turn it down to a good simmer for 5 minutes, THEN take them off the heat and let them sit for another 15. But high altitude or sea level, always move the eggs from the hot water to an ice water bath to release the shell from the membrane for easy peeling.

  • Kathianne S
    Kathianne S • 2 years ago

    Just cut the entire egg, shell and all, in half, then peel each half.

  • Kathianne S
    Kathianne S • 2 years ago

    Just cut the entire egg, shell and all, in half, then peel each half.

  • Beverly Hadley
    Beverly Hadley • 2 years ago

    recently read to add baking soda to the water before cooking.... a tablespoon will do. First time in forever that every egg peeled with no problems at all. Id tried vinegar, salt and all the other methods suggested before with partial success but nothing to compare to the baking soda trick. I will never do it any different again. Oh, and poking a hole and blowing?? Whos got time for that??

  • Karen Landry
    Karen Landry • 2 years ago

    If u add a teaspoon of vegetable oil to the water while boilng, the shell peel right off. Not sure how, but it works.

  • Heather Rakestraw
    Heather Rakestraw • 2 years ago

    I hope to never eat eggs that somebody peeled using that method. Fresh eggs never peel easily. Use eggs that are within a couple of days from their "use by date". This has never failed me.

  • Bethany Lawrence
    Bethany Lawrence • 2 years ago

    Just roll the boiled egg along the counter and the shell will come off in one piece.

  • RubyHeart ♡
    RubyHeart ♡ • 2 years ago

    That's true, rolling works great IF the membrane is separated from the white. You have to shock the hot egg with ice water right out of the pot, or else no amount of rolling, tapping, cracking or whatever else will save you from endless pick, pick, picking.

  • Shannon DeVaul
    Shannon DeVaul • 2 years ago

    @Alice - you are so right. None of these methods work with the farm fresh eggs from my flock. Even when cooking eggs set aside for weeks on end none of these methods or any tricks found online separates the membrane from the white perfectly. That tenacious membrane means you have to pick pick pick until we no longer want boiled eggs :(

  • Kimberly Shadley Dailey

    I raise my own chickens and I have fresh fresh eggs and they are known not to peel.. I boil for 1 minute, then turn off and let set for 15 , run under cold water.. I think the key is LOTS of salt in the water.. helps with splitting also.. just boiled up 2.5 doz last week.. only 1 split and only one didn't want to peel..

  • Kimberly Shadley Dailey

    @bethany.. I agree.. I tap the big end and then roll

  • Barbara George
    Barbara George • 2 years ago Go to this link. She shows you how to peel eggs that is so easy, just roll them for a few seconds. It worked for me.

  • Gwynn Hladyniuk
    Gwynn Hladyniuk • 1 year ago

    I cook hb eggs starting with pot of cold water and setting the timer for 25 minutes. When done I let the eggs sit in the pot of water a little longer. The key to peeling the shell and membrane together, is water temperature. I tweak it until I find what works. I crack the entire shell into smaller bits (roll it) and I use the running water and my finger to separate the membrane from the egg. Once it lifts your good to go! Hot egg I use cold=-luke water. Cold egg, I use a little warmer water. Works every time!

  • Gwynn Hladyniuk
    Gwynn Hladyniuk • 1 year ago

    Oh yeah, blowing on the eggs.. yuck! Don't do that!

  • Sue Whaley
    Sue Whaley • 1 year ago

    I can't figure out what this picture is.

  • Sarah Goodhue
    Sarah Goodhue • 1 year ago

    i put my egss in cold water, when it starts to boil I time it for 10 min. then drain water and put cold water, crack hes a bit i roll them with a little pressure so they crack a bit and soak in the cold water for maybe 2 min and they peel soo easy and not soggy or cold

  • Rebecca B
    Rebecca B • 1 year ago

    A better way to get an easy to peel egg is to put the egg in muffin tin, put in oven 350 degrees for 30 minutes, remove from oven, put in ice water 10 minutes. They turn out just like hard boiled eggs on top of stove, but peel easier and are less rubbery than hard boiled. They are ready to peel and eat upon removal from ice water (no waiting for them to cool). Great for if you want to color eggs too, just dry them off from the ice water and color.

  • Regina Brown
    Regina Brown • 1 year ago

    add 1 Tbls. vinegar to water before adding does not flavor the eggs, dump hot water after they are done crack each egg. Add ice bath. This releases the membrane for easier peeling.

  • Kathy Minar
    Kathy Minar • 1 year ago

    you steam farm fresh eggs and they peel nicely. even eggs that you collect the same day.

  • Teresa Wehunt
    Teresa Wehunt • 1 year ago

    Add a pinch of salt to your water before adding your eggs. Has always worked for me. Eggs will peel smoothly.

  • Linda Keller
    Linda Keller • 1 year ago

    YUCK! I would hate to eat an egg someone else has blown on!

  • Rajean Yeske
    Rajean Yeske • 1 year ago

    Try taking a regular spoon and slip it in under the shell of a problem egg. It gets right under the hard to remove shell, following the conture of the egg. It separates the shell from the egg....without tearing the egg up.

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