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New Nostalgia | Amy Bowman

the secret to easy-to-peel boiled eggs

  • Kathy Minar
    Kathy Minar • 2 years ago

    you steam farm fresh eggs and they peel nicely. even eggs that you collect the same day.

  • Teresa Wehunt
    Teresa Wehunt • 2 years ago

    Add a pinch of salt to your water before adding your eggs. Has always worked for me. Eggs will peel smoothly.

  • Linda Keller
    Linda Keller • 2 years ago

    YUCK! I would hate to eat an egg someone else has blown on!

  • Rajean Yeske
    Rajean Yeske • 2 years ago

    Try taking a regular spoon and slip it in under the shell of a problem egg. It gets right under the hard to remove shell, following the conture of the egg. It separates the shell from the egg....without tearing the egg up.

  • Darlene Rothenay
    Darlene Rothenay • 48 weeks ago

    I do the same thing, Rajean. Occasionally, with really fresh eggs I treat them like they are soft boiled. Cut them in half and scoop it out. Some of these other suggestions are worth a try. Thanks, all, for giving me some more options to use.

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