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Bubble Beeper 1990s bubble gum via The Candy Wrapper Museum

magna doodle! this was my absolute favorite toy as a kid. i took it EVERYwhere. I think i seriously went thru at least 5 of them, haha.

55 Toys And Games That Will Make '90s Girls Super Nostalgic - I had a bunch of these, but allow me to highlight the ones I totally forgot about: Doodle Bears, those Barbie happy meal toys, Baby All Gone, Fashion Plates, and Skydancers! Oh, 90s childhood.

doodle bear! i had this in blue. my brother would play with it when i wasn't home or i was asleep. lol

the marker never came all the way out....but the pockets made good hiding places for my diary keys :)

Doodle Bear! I was so jealous of my friends having these and I didnt

Lol, I colored on mine but never washed it because I didn't want to wash away what I had already colored.

Doodle bears were for all the coolest kids. I actually think I had a doodle bunny...which was even better.

You might be a 90s kid if you only got to draw on this once because your mom would never wash it.

this was the doodle bear i had lol