Blue Apothacary


Fancy - Not only yourself, your cat also need a nice place to sleep

Apothacary jars, Love you, Karen.

Repurposed drawers as cat bed shelves!!! My kitty girls would LOVE this!

Pine apothecary cabinet, late 19th c., 54 1/2" h., 60" w. Pook & Pook

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Helena Maguire vintage Christmas cat postcard

Pennsylvania painted pine cupboard, ca. 1820, retaining a red painted surface, 78" h., 36" w., 18 1/2" d.

Chubby cat cheeks

The Doug Towle Shaker Collection Catalog

Is it bad that I know this is supposed to be funny, but I looked at it and thought "Oh what a good idea!" LOL I love how there is a little piece of fabric in each box. Would it truly make me a crazy cat lady if I actually tried to do this?

Painted pine pie safe, mid 19th c.

The Catframe combines a contemporary wood cat tree, sisal rope scratching posts, cubby holes, soft pads for kneading and sleeping, and last but certainly not least – storage for all kitties toys and treats.

Painted pine apothecary cabinet, ca. 1900, 34 1/2" h., 28" w.

For the cat room - sleeping cubbies, wal-mountained stairs Designing and building the cat room took her back almost three decades, to the period between 1975 and 1980 when she owned a wood shop that designed accessory pieces of furniture – medicine cabinets, bread boxes, toilet pape

Pennsylvania two-part painted pine corner cupboard, ca. 1820, retaining an old blue surface, 90" h., 42 1/2" w.

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COUNTRY CUPBOARD. American, mid 19th century, pine. Old blue paint. Cutout feet, one off center board and batten door, open top shelf and simple board cornice. 65 1/2"h. 30 1/2"w. 13 1/4"d.