The Garden at Highgrove - The view from the Azalea Walk towards the Wild Flower Meadow and the Sundial Garden The spring planting in front of the serpentine hedge includes clumps of daffodils and tulips.

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Create a Nonstop Border

Create a Nonstop Border Featured in the September, 2010 issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine, Lark Kulikowski has learned by doing in her perennial border. Starting with what she calls pass-along plants, divisions contribu


"A close look at the gates that lead to the Rose Garden with the Prince of Wales Feathers heraldic badge atop it. Notice how the hedges have half ovals cut into the tops of them.Highgrove home of Prince Charles

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Pink Climbing Roses - Pinkies - virtually thornless so they're easier to train. This post shows how beautifully they grow up arbors, fences and posts - The Pink Pagoda

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30 Gorgeous Spring Gardens

A girl can dream, now, can't she? Are these not fabulous gardens? Both are featured on House Beautiful's "beauty-full" site!


English country garden - SO BEAUTIFUL! - Just exactly what I imagine an English country garden to look like!