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Manicure To Go keep in a eyeglass case.  Great idea.

Manicure kit on the go.use an old eye glass case to store it in.toss one in your purse maybe another in the glove box of the car.never be caught off guard again!

ombre nails with a sponge

Nail Art Alert! How To Get Ombre Nails At Home

DIY cute nail art cute nails girl pink art pretty nice girls diy diy ideas diy crafts do it yourself diy tips diy images do it yourself imag.

Sunglass Case As A Manicure Kit-60 New Uses For Everyday Items

30 New Uses For Everyday Items

Sunglass Case As A Manicure Kit Keep all of the beauty products you like to have on-the-go (nail file, eyeliner, lipstick, polish, etc.) in an unused sunglass case where they will stay protected and organized.

Easy American Flag Nails DIY

12 Latest Nail Tutorials for Beginners

if u thinking of how could do a flag designs. Find out 30 diy American flag nail art designs. Cute and easy to make american flag nails, Photos, Tutorials.

DIY 5 step no-polish manicure

DIY 5-Step No-Polish Manicure

DIY: no-polish manicure, Hand lotion. Again, coconut oil is awesome! Orange cuticle stick or wooden one (see above) wrapped in cotton Nail file Clippers Buffing block Cuticle oil

Make your own Nail Polish with old eye shadow

Make your own Nail Polish with old eye shadow! old eye shadow. using funnel add crushed eye shadow to the clear nail polish. stir with toothpick. Tip: more eye shadow added the more opaque the color will be!

Don't like this design.... but will much easier to do all the fun designed I see without messing up and having to start over!


DIY nail stickers need polish, scissors + scotch tape. Apply polish to your tape. Let it dry (I allowed 30 minutes just to be safe). into shapes Place shapes on nails and seal with top coat - Great idea!

Make sure you know when it's time to throw your make up away

Know when to toss your make up: when does makeup go bad. Good to know, I've had stuff for forever!