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  • Lisa Mullen

    A good definition of dysthymia - low-level depression. How it feels to go through infertility. There was a time when I thought I'd never survive it.

  • ❂Deanna Alayne❈❧

    Weight loss, crying, depression. Hmm.. sounds like karma to me.

  • Jillian Cole

    Wow.. so true! what I'm feeling..

  • Amanda Mizell

    depressing quote of the day

  • Lee Ann Buck

    Sadness: I've felt this way two times in my life. People didn't understand my feelings nor did they respect them. No one knows until they experience it for themselves and it is alright to feel like this, this feeling is being human.

  • Francis Tapia

    The main part of being a woman is the gift of being able to give life but how can I be happy when I seem to be broken?!....

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