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Padrões, geometrias e tinta preta nas tattoos de Victor J Webster

Black Tattoo Master Victor J Webster. Today we would introduce you to Victor J Webster, a tattoo artist based out of Two Hands Tattoo in Auckland, New Zeal

Ethnic-inspired wrist tattoos

As incríveis tatuagens Mehndi de Matthew Chahal

Hannah Snowdon. I like her hand tattoos.

Tatuagem nas mãos: 56 exemplos

I know that she isn’t in a band but I love Hannah Snowdon’s hand tattoos. The art is very amazing and this style of tattoo that is inked on her hand is also my favorite, it’s simple and beautiful.

Hoje em dia a tatuagem é cada vez mais difundida entre as mulheres, que gastam a criatividade em uma diversidade de desenhos e cores para registrar emoções e sentimentos na pele. Para as mulheres que procuram ideias de como fazer uma tatuagem, seja nas costas, pulso, ombro, braço pé ou outros locais, poderá encontrar aqui vários exemplos.

Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos are nowadays commonly inked by men and women. Some of the Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos usually worn are flowers, lizards, birds, marine life and sharks.

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"i love 'sleeves' like this. they're not actually 'sleeves' but just a bunch of little meaningful tattoos put together to form a beautiful jumble of chaos" - this is my favorite kind of sleeve too.

Family Heart Wrist Tattoo Love this one!!

40 Powerful One Word Tattoo Ideas

Faith instead of family heart wrist tattoo 6 12 Wonderful Heart Wrist Tattoos