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Never leave the person who understands you more than anyone else. Someone who you can talk to about everything and will stand next to you even with your unwanted attitudes. Treasure the one that accepts and loves every bit of you.

not all who wander are lost 11x17 Print Tolkein by papersparrow, $20.00

How you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you.

☠☠☠™ Refusnik moi: but seriously who Wants To Be NORMAL, Anyway?! Normal is defined as conforming to a standard—usual, typical, expected, vanilla. Is that what you really want out of life? Conformity? Usual? Typical? Expected? Vanilla?

To bad that they are too blind to see this cause they are to selfish and all about themselves.

Make your Romantic relationships more brotherly and your brotherly relationships more romantic...they are both equally special

Things other read and think about significant others, I read and think of friends

#Forget and move on to more important people who truly value you!

You have to believe there are kisses and laughs and risks worth taking.