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LilBird • 2 years ago

Sharia law's aim is to take over America. Is Obama going to stop them from making progress? He send billions of tax payer dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood each year! Vote Obama out! We need someone who will stand up to these evil thugs. Romney 2012.

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Why do Obama/Muslim supporters not get this??

Can you? Of course you can't. Obama supports these countries. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

11-year-old girl escapes arranged marriage…(that won't happen here? FYI- Dearborn,Michigan has a high Muslim population & they voted SHARIA LAW to be law. Child marriage is NOW POSSIBLE IN DEARBORN,MICHIGAN..this is OBAMA'S CHANGE-if you support him you support the molestation of innocents!


Obama bypassed Congress to give $ 1.5 billion of OUR money to the Muslim Brotherhood, whose aim is to implement Sharia law.

Sharia for all.

Obama's brother linked to Muslim Brotherhood

  • Brian Blomqvist

    Doesn't americans realize they have a muslim as president? Oust that jihad motherfucker.

In April of 2012 Obama BYPASSED congress and sent 1.5 billion dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood. They say public beating of women are just fine and acceptable. What kind of president do we have?! Stop the Muslim Brotherhood. Stop Sharia law.

This is Sharia Law. Why is our government sending billions of OUR money to the Muslim Brotherhood which follows Sharia law?

Muslim Brotherhood infiltrates Obama Administration