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  • Dane Dicke

    A member of the Taliban's religious police beating an Afghan woman in Kabul on August 26, 2001. The footage, filmed by the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, can be seen here [1].

  • Russell Goodwin

    Sharia law's aim is to take over America. Pray for our country. We DO NOT want Shariah Law in our Land! Warning disturbing pictures of abused women all in the name of allah at the site.

  • Tara Stone

    A member of the Taliban beating women in Afghanistan in 2001

  • Lili

    Sharia law's aim is to take over America. Is Obama going to stop them from making progress? He send billions of tax payer dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood each year! Wake up, America! It is all about control of women and children. They must be very insecure as a male to be doing that. They are cowards. I would like to see how they would act with a woman with a gun.

  • Russell Davis

    Taliban Religious Police beating women in the street in Afghanistan.

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Also, this is 2015--not the 15th century. I don't see how anybody can follow a modern day doctrine that says kill people if you want to go to heaven. Nutty cuckoo. #paris

THE CONSTITUTION. Everyone needs to remember this, especially Congress!!!

Sharia Law & Non-Muslims. Look at the last bullet. Then think about "Muslims for Obama."


Sign in Cairo’s Tahrir Square: ‘Obama you jerk, Muslim Brotherhoods are killing the Egyptians’ - Man in Tahrir holds sign asking for the US to stop supporting the Muslim Brotherhood

Josef Vissarionovich Djugashvili, the man whom the world would come to know as Joseph Stalin

Obama: "My Muslim Faith" And this country does not have a clue of his believes. Please, you just have to listen to the video and everything else he has said.

Stop sharia law and the Muslim Brotherhood. If Iranian women would have fought back in 1970 today they would be seen as equals not property. What's OUR EXCUSE for not fighting? We SEE what our FUTURE will be like. STOP SHARIA LAW IN THE USA! Keep your RIGHTS! (2015)

This art will be banned under sharia law. (Know Islam. Research it. It's already rearing its ugly head in America)

Women Around the World Are Being Stoned to Death. Do You Know the Facts?

Obama DICTATORSHIP must end. WOW! Just think about this... Why is he still in office????? Outraged!