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    Sharia law's aim is to take over America. Is Obama going to stop them from making progress? He send billions of tax payer dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood each year! Vote Obama out! We need someone who will stand up to these evil thugs. Romney 2012.

    OBAMA is SUPPORTING the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. They are IN the White House ADVISING him. 20,000 MUSLIMS will attend the DNC and day one will end with 'CALL TO PRAYER'. OBAMA gave the Muslim Brotherhood MILLIONS. WHY? Muslims have a seriously abusive stance towards women. Do not think for a moment these women choose to dress like this, to be beaten by their husbands publicly, to not vote, to not own property, and to not appear in public. Stop the Muslim Brotherhood and sharia law.

    This is Sharia Law! Don't Let it get hold!

    This is sharia law. Why is our government sending billions of OUR money to the Muslim Brotherhood which follows Sharia law? When you vote Democratic, you vote for this.

    Why America must stand against the Ideology of Islam and Sharia Law

    Saudi-Arabia: Under Sharia Law, Saudi woman received 100 lashes for the crime of being raped.

    God save the United States of America, please Lord without you we are doomed. Islam is NOT a religion. Islam is a totalitarian, militaristic, expansionist, seditious POLITICAL SYSTEM masquerading as a religion. Islam is seditious against EVERY nation & gov't on earth & DEMANDS that all muslims work to overthrow all nations, gov'ts & non-sharia laws. AND, THE USA has allowed them to set up shop on our soil, our congress, government and OUR WHITEHOUSE ❗

    Obama bypassed Congress to give $ 1.5 billion of OUR money to the Muslim Brotherhood (a Terrorist group) whose aim is to implement Sharia law. ( States in the USA are voting on Sharia Law- The BEGINNING of the END!)

    But ok to pray in AND outside of the White House.... IF you're a muslim...

    You go girls :) love this The Christian way :)

    We have over a thousand muslim brotherhood within the federal gov't. Obama's choice for Labor Secretary refused to rule out bringing Sharia blasphemy laws to the U.S. -- Next step will be force it on all of America whether you want it or not.

    Stop sharia law and the Muslim Brotherhood. If Iranian women would have fought back in 1970 today they would be seen as equals not property. What's OUR EXCUSE for not fighting? We SEE what our FUTURE will be like. STOP SHARIA LAW IN THE USA! Keep your RIGHTS! (2015)

    Actual Obama quote...

    Stop the Muslim Brotherhood. Stop Sharia law.

    This is sharia law. Why is our government sending billions of OUR money to the Muslim Brotherhood which follows Sharia law? When you vote Democratic, you vote for this.

    MUSLIMS ATTACK CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA OVER SHARIA LAW Fricking muslims have to go damn it...

    Obama Admits He Is A Muslim This is a video that Sean Hannity of FOX News has been trying to show that we are told has consistently been blocked by the Obama Administration for several weeks. PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO!!!! HEAVENLY FATHER PLEASE HELP US! !

    Repin: Obama Hires Muslim Terrorists To Preach To US Military: Under the command of President Obama, the U.S. military is now rehiring Muslim clergymen for active-duty service personnel. The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which is a division of the Muslim Brotherhood, was contracted to provide the U.S. military Islamic imams for Muslim service members. The FBI views ISNA’s “work in America as a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within.”

    Stop sharia law and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Know Islam! - Muslim slave children in burqa and chains. Hillary, really should get in line with these ladies, before she goes around supporting Sharia Law!