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This is a great quote a number of people are facing challenges some are about to start getting ahead and some are already on the road to who they want to be! If you're thinking of changes or already making them keep going and don't let anyone stand in your way!

I'm a big lover of gadgets and tech and always have a wish list saved in my notes now only if I could get my bank balance to a level to fund it.... but then what would I wish for??

With #NewYear just around the corner many of you will be thinking about #NewYearsResolutions just remember this quote and keep going!!

It's only a little cold right??

Who has their tree up then? In the geek household ours has been up a while and now the wife is putting the finishing touches with her small Christmas ornaments etc! We are chilling watching a film (The Polar Express) really looking forward to Christmas in our new place