I got one! Funny wedding T shirt, funny wedding ideas, wedding humor, funny rehearsal outfit, wedding tank top, themarriedapp.com hearted <3

A perfect gift for the girl who likes to get a little wild!

Pair these with jeans and great outfit for the bachelorette party! wedding bridal party lace tank tops

Wedding cake with engagement pictures!

"help" quoth the groom. http://www.weddingmusicproject.com/wedding-sheet-music/


Uncle Sign Last Chance Uncle Here comes the by CastleInnDesigns, $32.95 Haha this is too cute!

"With only the bride and groom in color, it appears time has stopped"

This is important information

<3 so after pinning this I thought about the possibility of bridal party photos to contrast each other like this with champagne for the men and scotch and cigars amongst a study for the ladies. I love reversing gender roles.

I NEED this shirt

yep. i will prob have a pic like this:)

this is awesome!

Send in your old bridesmaids dresses to NewlyMaid and they will trade it for a new Little Black Dress for any occasion! AWESOME. Looks like I'll be getting 13 new black dresses.

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Put old pics of bride and groom on the bathroom door at the wedding!

bachelorette scavenger hunt; OMG if I had seen this I would of sooooooo done it for the bachelorette party tomorrow LOL

True story!

That's what she said Bachelorette Party shirt Set. For when @christylynnie gets married... these are a MUST @jamilynn22