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    Dear God

    Naming Your Children,

    wow haha


    Omg I am seriously dying from this!!!: Worth Reading, Giggle, Post, Crazy Girls, Funniest Things, A Tattoo, So Funny

    that awkward moment

    hahaha josh does!

    stupidity at its finest

    Couldn't help laughing at this. :-)




    i probably will be this kind of parent one day xD jajajajaja am so sorry for you my lil daughter: Funny Texts, Funny Parent, Parent Text, Smiley Face, Funny Stuff, Text Messages, Parents Texting, So Funny

    I named mine "fbi van" it cracks me up

    what's your ninja name? @Sara Meadows @Andria Wood - giggle! I'm Arichiku no Rikato Kiku. :P that's a mouthful....

    HA HA

    funny text message whats upsexy nothing whats up with you cheap Pranks at

    Haha. IDK, LY, TTYL