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stress quotes - Google Search. Oh my how profound. why didn't that occur to me. blah blah blah


New beginnings

Not where you thought... But where you're meant to be. It's so much more important

A true friend will say this.

Being normal is just no fun. Be yourself, if people don't like it, then i guess they aren't your right friends to have.


Love those who expect nothing ♥


Done! Hahaha


I have nothing to offer but my company... I know who my true friends are


Art Stick Inspiration---Bobbi Brown Cosmetics #ArtStick

Sometimes the best revenge is to smile and move on.

Surround yourself with #Positive people :) Their energy will rub off on you!

—Fuck what you heard.

"The creative adult is the child who has survived"

Be with someone who is proud to have you, and will fight for you every second of the day.

Imagine -pablo picasso

a yawn is a silent scream...


conquer your fears