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.Vous devez comprendre que la vie n'est pas ce qu'on vous donne. C'est ce que vous créez, que vous conquérez et ce que vous cherchez à atteindre. #inspiration #citation #etatdesprit

This has really blown my mind lately, because I thought of myself 10 years ago and what I had wanted to accomplish, and me at 21 would not be happy. My New Year's resolution this year is to make that girl happy.

Christian Inspirational ~ Be careful about rushing God's timing... You never know who or what He is protecting you or saving you from...

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i would be doing the handfasting today... funny what can change in a years time, and its funny how life and people change as well. its hard to not think of what might of been, i guess it also takes both side to want the same thing, but past becomes the past for reason...i don't know ,all i know is if i could i would do it all over again.