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These were my favorite when I was growing up til about age 12 or so..I still have a bunch of these books and records including this one!!

growing up

comic book

age 12

Remember the library "check out" card?

childhood memories


library books

library checkout

days library

memory lane

book card


library cards

Chrissy doll with growing hair! Got for Christmas when I was 12-favorite gift!


chrissy doll

childhood memories

crissy doll

vintage toys

childhood toys

Croquet in the backyard

backyard loved

backyard fun

1970 toys childhood memories

grandmas backyard

backyard growing

backyard activity

backyard yeah

backyard play

backyard yep

I loved Sweet Pickles books...I read them to the girls when they were younger and they loved them too..Still have em!!


sweet pickles

pickles books

loved sweet

Hi-C Orange Drink. My favorite "orange juice"!

childhood memories

drink boxes

drink featuring

orange drinks

drink 99

drink 1950 s

favorite drinks

Snackin' Cake! Chocolate chip was my favorite.


chocolate chips

70s cake

cakes mom

childhood memories

snackin cakes

1970s food

Wow, i remember this!! I loved it!! I had several, in fact.

things remembered

remember this

childhood memories

childhood things

1970s toys

vintage toys 1970's

childhood toys

1970's toys

Hawaiian Punch Tin Can

red hawaiian

vintage hawaiian

remember this

70 s

hawaiian punch

childhood memories

punch remember

nice hawaiian

Quilted robes

60s 70s

1970s hot

bathrobes 1970s

1970s bathrobes

long dress

1970s christmas

Romper...came in all sorts of prints and colors...for playing outside on hot days

little girls

childhood memories

girls wore

80 s

sun suits

Scotch Hair Tape. My mom used this :)

tape 1960


70 s

tape ad

scotch hair

Strawberry Shortcake was the stuff.

strawberry shortcake vintage

childhood memories

loved strawberry

strawberry shortcake 80s

strawberry shortcake doll

80 s

strawberry shortcake cartoon

Strawberry shortcake doll. Had this..she smelled good!

shortcake dolls

doll loved

childhood memories

doll mine

80s 90s

doll awww

childhood favorite

custard cat

Hurry! Try to hit record after the dj stops talking and right before the song starts!How many times did I do this???Hundreds!

memorex cassette

cassette tapes


childhood memories

mix tape

mixed tapes


Listened to Neil Diamond on record too.

neil diamond



Yes i remember

i'm awesome

childhood memories

90 s kid

hours playing

childhood toys

i m awesome


doctor office


dentist s office



highlights magazine

kids website

Who remembers ALF!?!?! :) ahh childhood memories. even though it ended on 1990. I did watch the reruns growing up :)

90 s

movies tv

childhood memories

alf loved

loved alf

tv series


80 s


jelly shoes


childhood memories

90 s kid

80 s 90 s

memory lane

Have it!!!

tinkerbell ring

childhood memories

cassette tape

memory lane