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These were my favorite when I was growing up til about age 12 or so..I still have a bunch of these books and records including this one!!

S green stamps..... I helped my mom stick them in the books they had to go in

Remember the library "check out" card?

Chrissy doll with growing hair! Got for Christmas when I was 12-favorite gift!

Croquet in the backyard

I loved Sweet Pickles books...I read them to the girls when they were younger and they loved them too..Still have em!!

Hi-C Orange Drink. My favorite "orange juice"!

Snackin' Cake! Chocolate chip was my favorite.

wow, i remember this!! I even remember Kay-Bee Toy Stores.

Strawberry Shortcake was the stuff.

Strawberry shortcake doll. Had this..she smelled good!

Hurry! Try to hit record after the dj stops talking and right before the song starts!How many times did I do this???Hundreds!

Listened to Neil Diamond on record too.

Yes i remember

Have it!!!

Who remembers ALF!?!?! :) ahh childhood memories. even though it ended on 1990. I did watch the reruns growing up :)