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  • Steve Hood

    "What is that?" ........"Why, are you writing a book? Why Don't you tear out the last ten pages and stuff them up your ass and make it a mystery!"

  • Linda Higham

    Research Like a Librarian: Using "Big6 Skills" for Better Grades! | The New York Public Library

  • kelle belle

    Book Lover Gifts

  • Viva Cohen

    Guy reading book in library about something important, finds note to self in it by other guy and a phone number or name or something. finds guy bc of it (guy/guy fantasy)

  • Why Am I Unhealthy?

    Great books worth re-reading.

  • Reginia Klamner

    Collector's Home Library!! Books for sale on

  • Sharon Moore, Artist

    Ah, the lovely and inviting open book... #reader

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Seeing books in the background of a picture and struggling to read the titles.

Oh so true! I do like my jewelry, but I'd rather spend money on books than an expensive piece of jewelry!

This will be how I die. Buried under a pile of fallen books. When I'm 110.

digital art poster, quote art, inspirational, illustration, nursery art, reading, books, childrens room, library, top seller, girls room. $20.00, via Etsy.

enchantedengland: Good it is time to POST MORE BOOKS!! I really do not need to do a book blog HOW FUN WOULD THAT BE

Read! (but we book lovers knew this already.)

Hogwarts Castle welcomes visitors to Universal's new theme park 'The Wizarding World of Harry Potter' - January 2013

Bucket List.. I've done this! Of course, I'm older now, so the book would probably be In the beginning...then he did this.. and then that...The End! Lol

My female best friends, still waiting for the best friend I'll spend my whole life with

"She read, book after book, burning midnight oil with reckless abandon, forgetting the time, and walking into a land that knew no pain."