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WHITE Milk Glass OWL DRUG Co Antique Bottle w/ pic Owl on druggist mortar. Old hand-blown Cosmetic type bottle.

An 8 1/2" tall clear-glass square-shaped ANTIQUE bottle from the old OWL DRUG CO, which started in 1800's San Francisco. On the front of the bottle there is an inset panel that has a wonderful embossed picture of a large Owl perched on a druggists mortar, clutching a pestle. The mortar is embossed "TODCO / TRADE MARK". TODCo = The Owl Drug Co.

THE OWL DRUG COMPANY / POISON / {Embossed Owl on mortar} At 9 1/2" tall, this is the largest of the Owl triangular poison bottles.

Claims to cure cancer and scrofula (tuberculosis of the lymph nodes). That's a pretty bold claim considering neither have a cure in 2012.

Scarce Round OWL DRUG Co Antique Bottle w/ pic OWL on druggist mortar. Bay Rum Cologne type bottle- Old cork top.. $50.00, via Etsy.

An Owl Drug Company cobalt blue poison bottle with owl perched on mortar and pestle

POISON / The Owl Drug Co. KT-1 2-wing cobalt poison in rare 5" size with original label.

Ad exploring the controversial and much debated topic of ointment and (ahem) man-horse sleeping arrangements...

Two children in the Municipal Hospital, one unvaccinated and the other vaccinated on the day of admission - the crust is still seen on the leg. This child remained in the hospital with its mother(who was suffering from smallpox) for three weeks, and was discharged perfectly well. The unvaccinated child admitted with smallpox died.(Welch and Schamber [Schamberg?].) Copyright E.J.S>