photo by @joelsartore | Did you know it's Mother Nature’s birthday? That’s right, Jane Goodall is 81 today. Known first for getting global recognition for chimps, she has since become a champion for all of Earth’s creatures. #PhotoArk #JoelSartore #chimp #JaneGoodall #birthday #PhotoOfTheDay #conservation #beautiful

Baby Monkey

Chimp and baby tiger

baby monkey

adorable chimp

Baby chimp


#hedgehog #adorable #baby animal

Adorable Baby Gorilla

Adorable Moments

Dusky Leaf Monkey & Young

Adorable Infant Francois' Langur by sfzoo

so adorable i'm gonna die!!!


Chimp Baby having a small tantrum | Flickr - Fotosharing!

Baby Pygmy Slow Loris - adorable!

Reimann's snake-necked turtle (Chelodina reimanni) at Zoo Atlanta | Joel Sartore | The Biodiversity Project

Monkey baby

I wish I could have my own they are so adorable. (:

adorable :)

Bonobos and Chimpanzees