On the go Crayon Box - soap box, post it, and crayons... perfect for the diaper bag/purse

Repeat Crafter Me: DIY Lego and Art Travel Boxes. Love these! Especially the Lego one!


recycle your old DVD cases into coloring cases Car trips, waiting rooms, restaurants. Brilliant

Box + Crayons = hours of fun!

Interesting idea for parents- Make your own safety tattoo for your kids. Great to use for outings like amusement parks and zoos | Everything BABY

Children's Nighttime Drawing Journal - Each night have your child draw a picture of their favorite part of the day. Then write a caption about the picture. Fun idea...

Shower caddies with suction cups for placing on window next to child for their crayons, markers, pencils, etc. Awesome idea!!!Surviving a road trip with kids @Amy Moser Moments

Faux Makeup For Your Kiddos.... this is THE greatest thing! i have been on the prowl for the plastic things like this they had when I was a kid..... never any luck. Now I can use some of the ridiculous amount of polish I have for a good cause!

Put Legos In Liquid Soap For Boys

MEA--this would be perfect for Noah! A mother saved all the things she found on his son pockets when doing the laundry. She gave him this lamp with all things found for his wedding. Cute idea. I could see maybe doing a shadow box or something.

Travel Treat Boxes

Laminate a set of flash cards, put a binder ring around them, and toss them in your purse with a dry erase marker to entertain little ones

For those... "I'm bored days". seems like a good idea!

Magnetic Me tin box

homemade bath crayons

i cant wait to put together an activity box for my son when he gets old enough this is goin in- pipe cleaners and a colander to keep them busy on a rainy/snowy day!

Perfect for purse when your kid needs a distraction. Fine motor on the go! LEGO in a tin, with a base on top


Totally cute idea to do something with all those small sentimental kid toys that you don't want to get rid of and then hang it in the playroom. :)

Mixie Studio: Toddler Boredom Busters