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Nine months ago my mommy read 50 Shades of Grey.im sure there are gonna be MANY 50 shades of grey babies! that book was crazy!

Awesome maternity shirt or put a ring at the bottom so a bride to be could wear it!

It started out with a kiss how did it end up like this.-KillErs :) if I ever need maternity clothes again this shirt is a must! It was only a kiss love this song!

very funny

WATCH: Interview With A One-Year-Old

Super Funny Interview with a One Year Old! These parents are awesome. This is seriously the funniest thing ever. so freaking precious.

Valentine Onesie -- Baby Boy Valentine Onesie -- long sleeve onesie with funny saying. $22.00, via Etsy.

Valentine Onesie -- Baby Boy Valentine Onesie -- long sleeve onesie with funny saying via Etsy.

Omg, haha!

Whose line is it anyway. Things you can say to your dog but not your girlfriend--I love these guys.

"I'll love you forever,  I'll like you for always,  As long as I'm living,   My baby you'll be."  I bought this book when my children were little and it is such a beautiful story.

Read this book to my kids.still tell my son, I like you forever, I love you for always, my baby boy you always will be.

Right now, your due date is approaching, and you’re hyper focusing on a lot of insignificant stuff. I wish you knew that none of what you are worrying about matters. What you need to do is go to bed now and sleep until the baby comes. It could be your last chance to sleep for a few uninterrupted hours for the rest of your life.

A Letter To My Pregnant, Child-Less Self…

This is the funniest thing ever. Loved it! "I laughed at this entire letter. almost peed my pants. Don't judge another parent til you have been there!

HAHAHAHA! #parentingdoneright

If I have a baby, I shall only dress he/she in clothes with quirky, clever, funny or sarcastic printed phrases. Only give your kids enough dysfunctional knowledge to make them funny!

Pintester- this girl is hilarious! She writes a blog about all the stuff she tries on pinterest  what works  what FAILS. --- Friends: Im crying Im laughing so hard. Seriously...need a laugh? READ THIS! -- pin now read later?

Pintester- this girl is hilarious! She writes about what FAILS. --- Friends: I'm crying I'm laughing so hard. Please read!

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Basket Baby - so glad someone finally made a meme out of crazy newborn photography. Am I the only one who thinks putting a naked baby in a basket and putting a giant feathered headband on it is completely silly?