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This is how Prairie Dogs greet each other...TRUE

Prairie Dog

Prairie Dog

Baby prairie dogs

Prairie Dog

Prairie Dog...so cute!!

Baby Prairie Dog

prairie dog

Prairie Dogs

“Prairie Dog pose”


It's all true!


this is why all kids should have a dog! learn unconditional love, responsibility, and unfortunately the enviable heart ache of loss! life lessons aren't always easy but the reward of having unconditional love is a far better gain I think!

Pup + Chicks

beach buddies


An odd couple :) This is Burt. he has been feeding and friends with the muted swans in Stanley park for many many years. There is only one other person I have ever seen that they allow to touch without retaliating or biting. It is amazing to see how all of them look forward to his visits. Burt is in his late 70's and goes to the lagoon almost every day.

Schnauzers Rule!

Dogs Rule