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Let's Eat Out was one of the first slogans ever used in a McDonald's ad campaign, and lasted from 1960-1965.

McDonalds !!! Whatever happened to ronald mcdonald & his friends seems like his friends disappeared then slowly he disappeared too

Google Image Result for I remember the Golden Arches

Aaah.. It's The Sandman Motel with A '57 Chevy ( or so...) on Top! Reminds me of Ordering Ice Cream 0r Saying "Pretty Please, with Sugar on Top"! Ok - So Who REally Knows The Make and Model of This Car?

Vintage McDonald's Sign...the first McDonald's I remember was the one in Waterville, ME. My kids weren't too keen on the burgers, but they really liked the fries and orange soda.

McDonald's Amazing Menu.i remember these 15cent hamburgers. Paycheck really didn't allow us to send at MCDONALDS'S

i seriously miss McDonald's in the 80s and 90s!!

I could have a board for Cowboys, but I already have Cool and it would be redundant. :)

Yazoo City Sign of the Black and White Store in downtown Yazoo City, Mississippi.