TEDxTeen - Tavi Gevinson: Still Figuring it Out

Tavi Gevinson

Omg you need to WATCH THIS TED TALK RIGHT NOW It’s (almost entierly non-problematic) feminist: yes It talks about social ques given to children through kid’s movies and the whole Magical Quest trope: yes It talks about raising boys to respect women in a way that’s not just chilvarly: yes It’s written by a man: yes

Tavi Gavinson: http://rookiemag.com/

▶ Hackschooling makes me happy: Logan LaPlante at TEDxUniversityofNevada - YouTube

Seven Ways to Turn your day around- 7 coping skills role modeled

One of my favorite Tavi looks.

"You will never be merely 'pretty' " Katie Makkai - Pretty

— Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, TedxEuston #quotes #feminism

The Power of Words

Dr. Amen delivered his most powerful TEDx talk to date, revealing the single most important lesson learned after studying 83,000 brain scans over the past 22 years. “You are not stuck with the brain you have – you can make it better, and we can prove it.” Dr. Daniel Amen

The power of thought, connectedness, creation "chasing meaning is better for your health than trying to avoid discomfort"/ Kelly McGonigal: How to make stress your friend

Ashton Kutcher Speech - Teen Choice Awards (HQ) - YouTube

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are - YouTube

5 Inspiring TED Talks You Can Watch In Under 5 Minutes . #makemyday #makemyfriday http://makemyfriday.com/2014/08/5-inspiring-ted-talks-you-can-watch-in-under-5-minutes-2/

Have seen a lot of these but still an awesome list. 15 TED talks that will change your life.

Susan Cain: The power of introverts


"If I should have a daughter, instead of Mom, she's gonna call me Point B ... " began spoken word poet Sarah Kay, in a talk that inspired two standing ovations at TED2011. She tells the story of her metamorphosis -- from a wide-eyed teenager soaking in verse at New York's Bowery Poetry Club to a teacher connecting kids with the power of self-expression through Project V.O.I.C.E. -- and gives two breathtaking performances of "B" and "Hiroshima."