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TEDxTeen - Tavi Gevinson: Still Figuring it Out

Tavi Gevinson, who is gave a kickass TEDxTeen talk on “strong” female characters and feminism.

TED Talks: Goldie Hawn, Daniel Siegel On Mindfulness For Children At TEDMED (VIDEO)

TED Talks: Goldie Hawn, Daniel Siegel On Mindfulness For Children At TEDMED (VIDEO)

GIRLFRIEND OF THE WEEK: Brittany Wenger, 17, to Save Millions of Lives http://www.thextraordinary.org/brittany-wenger

17 year-old Brittany Wenger built an artificial brain. The program can diagnose breast cancer with accuracy. took her more than hours" to code!

"Who is Dependent on Welfare?" with Ananya Roy (video) (via The #GlobalPOV Project) (13:32 min) "It is time for America to reconsider who is dependent on welfare. Poverty is not only the lack of income and wealth but also the poverty of pow

If you think poor people are the ones most dependent on welfare, watch this video. The Project: "Who is Dependent on Welfare" With Ananya Roy

Volunteer fire fighter finding out what it means to be a hero

What it Means to be a Hero

Volunteer firefighter Mark teaches us that no matter how big or small the act, if you have something to give, give it now - don't wait to be a hero! *Mark Bezos: A life lesson from a volunteer firefighter

Maysoon Zayid: I got 99 problems... palsy is just one - YouTube "and I live in New Jersey" oh gosh my stomach hahahaha

- A Gorgeous Woman Shakes Her Body On Stage . And The Crowd Goes Wild - Maysoon Zayid is a disabled Arab-American comedian "I got 99 problems. palsy is just one"

40 Definiciones de Belleza en 25 Distintos Países

Article - This Woman Had Her Face Photoshopped In Over 25 Countries To Examine Global Beauty Standards. Through her work, Esther Honig hopes to discover if a global beauty standard actually exists.

Good overview of how to “teach” culture in a foreign language class.

How do you “teach” culture in a foreign language class?

Let’s begin by looking at quote from Moran: “Culture is the evolving way of life of a group of persons, consisting of a shared set of practices associated with a shared set of products, based on a .

Snow White and The Seven Dwarves in Bergfreiheit

"It's time the feisty princesses of the Frech court joined today's Snow Whites.

Tavi's Ted Talk

Women are complicated. Not because women are crazy, but because people are crazy, and women happen to be people. Tavi Gevinson is a write.

Thoughts from Places - John Green  "The West is where we all plan to go someday..."

Baby on the Road: Thoughts from Places , this is my favourite thoughts from places video

Maggie Beer

Over 50 and fabulous: Top women over 50 and how to be stylish tips

Over 50 and fabulous: A list of fascinating, top women over photos, shopping, and tips for being stylish when you are a woman.

Slim Jim’s Spice Loss ad campaign, which features a number of commercials about men suffering from the horrible condition of spice loss, also known as emasculation. As Liz explains, “Apparently you need processed meat to stimulate your ‘man gland’, and give you ‘brolectrolytes’ for your ‘menergy’.”

Policing Masculinity in Slim Jim’s “Spice Loss” Ads - Sociological Images