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  • Susan Tierney

    A close-up of the skeleton of Caroline Crachami, the ‘Sicilian Fairy’ (181? – 1824) who is sometimes cited as being the smallest person in recorded history. At the time of her death, she measured a mere 19.5 inches tall. I have another pin on the board showing a drawing of her and more info.

  • Kita Inoru

    "From the Dissection Room: Caroline Crachami, the "Sicilian Fairy"" from "The Chirurgeon's Apprentice" - This blog post tells the story an Italian girl born with primordial dwarfism. She is sent to England for the "healthier" atmosphere but her guardian then exhibits her as a sideshow freak for a profit - and even after her death, it is her exhibitioner who wins as her remains were sold to be dissected. It sounds sad and cruel to us today - but are our modern reality TV shows any different?

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Caroline Crachami- b.1815-June 1824) is cited as being the smallest person in recorded history.She was 9 years old or less at the time of her death.It is unlikely that she had finished growing. Said to have been born in Palermo, Italy, she was known as the "Sicilian Fairy" or "Sicilian Dwarf." She was the first person recognised to have primordial dwarfism & was only about 191⁄2 inches tall at the time of her death; it was claimed that at birth she had weighed only 1lb & measured approx 8" tall.

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