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Things I think when scrolling Pinterest... yep, pretty much.

I would add: enough with the dumb weight loss/ working out pins. Please stop with the Jesus quotes. Yet another cute fall outfit with jeans, scarf and boots?

lol  Yes, it's a very jarring thing to wake up to.

so true. the poster up on the wall above my bed fell down on my face in the middle of the night, and I thought I was getting kidnapped and I would have to fend off the attacker in my pjs! I nearly had a heart attack.

24 Photos That Are Tragically All True.  -   Misc

24 Photos That Are Tragically All True. - Misc ¤♡¤ hahahahaaaaaaaaa I freaking laughed so hard that I almost choked to death on NOTHING because of that damn adhd-counting sheep-macarena one!

Relatable Post: Yelling someone's name in different voices until they hear you

Maybe my roommate can only hear me when I speak in a certain voice. and maybe that voice changes on a daily basis. I do this everyday.

.so true thought that every time my mom made me take it!

Relatable Post: No cough syrup you're not "grape flavored". Have you ever tasted a grape? You taste like death and the tears of small children, not grape

There is no cool way to chase a bouncing ping pong ball.

There's no cool way to chase a bouncing ping pong ball. Especially in beer pong

HA!!!!!!!  I'm so going to start my day like this from now on!  Although my sis will probably say I've been doing this all along ;) @Kat Brannick

My first thought when my alarm clock goes off, Who disturbs my slumber!


Know how to play Minesweeper, that is. I win almost every game.


Seriously, why do you care so much about my school life! What are you expecting me to say "OMG I LOVE school.

Pretty much.

I'm at the point of the semester where I'm hoping my future husband is doing really well in school right now

I have 3 moods ...music

I have 3 moods: Skip every song on my ipod. 2 Let the music play without interruption. Play the same song on repeat for days.

For a Broke student ^^

Best Feeling of a Broke College Student. This made me laugh even though when I go to college my parents will more than likely still paying for my gas.