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Hehehe<< Nine.

The Modern Doctors and their catch phrases, haha. Someone said that that particular saying would ruin it for them, but I would kill to have a badass Doctor.

“We have a plan to top it. And I do think our plan is devastating. We’ve practically reduced our cast to tears telling them the plan… we’re probably more excited that we’ve ever been about Sherlock,” Moffat told reporters asking if he thought the next season could beat season three’s epic run.

SHERLOCK Bosses Tease Dark Fourth Season

Sherlock: Moffat/Gatiss Tease Darker Season 4 via The Nerdist

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson

Martin Freeman & Benedict Cumberbatch in "Sherlock" ). I still can't get over how much John looks like Bilbo in this scene, even if both are Martin Freeman. It's just that expression. Meanwhile, Sherlock sports a very dragon-esque sneer.

Sherlock BBC | If Sherlock were a comedy show...this is how the trailer would look- well done! :)

If Sherlock was a comedy show.how would the trailer look? Watch it. Watch it now. This is beyond brilliant, I adore this! <--- everyone should watch it, its hilarious and well done

Sherlock and Bilbo  :D

Funny pictures about Bilbo Watson. Oh, and cool pics about Bilbo Watson. Also, Bilbo Watson.


Sherlock - Kim Possible. this is my new favourite crossover ever!

Ermergerd!!!!!!!! It's so true!!!!!!!

Sherlock is a polite Loki <- previous pinner's comment took me off-guard because I can't imagine Sherlock being a polite version of anyone.<< that's so british.

Martin Freeman John Watson Sherlock. I like Watson, even when he's being a Hobbit.

"John Watson" (played by Martin Freeman in the BBC's Sherlock). He's my favorite Sherlock character

That's what happens when you try and break in to 221B Baker Street.

Lestrade: 'How many times, exactly, did he 'fall' out the window?' Sherlock: 'I lost count.'<--- My all time favorite scene

I love him.

Mark Gatiss on

With an eye patch. I'm going to go lie on the floor for a bit, to catch my breath.

I never claimed to never be shallow....

“I was shooting Benedict Cumberbatch the star of Atonement at the bar in the Ivy Club. We had this idea that he should pose naked on a bar stool with just a copy of the Financial Times He didn’t think.