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Your Bucket List.- Manatees!

Bucket List- Spend the night at an aquarium

Bucket List- Run every day with my future spouse

Your Bucket List.

Bucket List- See a capybara. Oh man. I love those guys.

Bucket List- Have my children grow up with Harry Potter (oh, they for sure will!)

Bucket List- Save up 15,000 dollars. Financial goals are important.

Bucket List- Pay a stranger's tab at a restaurant. Be giving, always.

Bucket List- Swim with a manatee!!

Bucket List- Bake a pie from scratch. It's not a huge dream, but it is still important!

Bucket List- Run a marathon

Bucket List- See a Narwhal

Bucket List- Help End Animal Cruelty


ride first class. or by private jet

Your Bucket List.

Your Bucket List.

Your Bucket List.

be her bride

have a fall wedding

take her last name (and combine it with mine) my bucket list #bucketlist

work with wild animals, bucket list

go on a safari, bucket list

i will do this one in February! my bucket list