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Agricultura Natural con Masanobu Fukuoka

Roof / screen ref

Duck Pond Filter & Shower with lots of pictures.

Martha's chicken coop at Turkey Hill

chicken coop love!

Cayuga Ducks Lay 100-150 eggs per year. Can not fly. Are calm and can be tamed. Eggs are black early in the season and are white at the end of the season. They will begin to have white feathers as they get older.

Amazing Uses For Old Pallets – 25 Pics


{Pallet Gardening Table} I need this in my life, yesterday.

I want one of these. Egg Skelter. For those of us with fresh eggs, it keeps you using the oldest first and never mixing them up.

A rain barrel in action - collecting rain water. photo by Digi_D on Flickr

attached lean-to shed made out of cattle panels - use as storage or extra greenhouse

Mini-barn Chicken Coop- This is it!!! The one I want to build

IMG_2092.JPG (855×639)

So much love for this line of wild flowers

the skeleton of a log store, sheltered and not too deep.

khaki campbell duckling...we just got 4!!!

España libre de transgénicos

BICHOS Y PLANTAS: Lycosa tarantula

BICHOS Y PLANTAS: Lycosa tarantula

Chicken tractor, for my friends garden. What a way to really look good and have a easy way to get the eggs!

Farm Natters: DIY Duck & Goose & Dog Pond Filter system

Lost Persian army possibly found in the Sahara. In the Sahara desert near Siwa in Egypt hundreds of bleached bones have been uncovered. Bronze age weapons, arrowheads, jewelry, water pots and other artifacts dating to the 6th century B.C., right around the time when Persian king Cambyses II lost himself an army of 50,000 trying to destroy an oracle denying his right to rule a conquered Egypt.

A recycled pallet deck for my ducks! It cost 5 bucks to make: )

Need this for my duckies (which I do not own yet :(