A 5-week unit on “Night” by Elie Wiesel that can be taught in either ELA or Social Studies, including learning objectives, teaching tips, Common Core State Standards, a student packet, graphic organizers, activities, vocabulary quizzes, and unit exam. All answer keys are included in this 113-page product. $24.00

ShareMyLesson Social Studies - 5,223 social studies resources, including activities, worksheets, games, lesson plans, flashcards, puzzles, posters, assessments and other ideas for you to use with your middle school students.

Mapping activity - teaching about coordinates, longitude, latitude, etc.

This critical-thinking activity asks students to determine who was responsible for the Holocaust and to what extent they are guilty of crimes against humanity, then create a circle graph in which they assign the person(s) responsible the percentage of responsibility they should bear for the Holocaust. I have used this activity with huge success following "The Diary of Anne Frank: and "Night" by Elie Wiesel. Learning Objectives, Teaching Tips, and Common Core Standards included. Free

Blog post about teaching the research common core standards through Social Studies. Includes FREE resources! by One Stop Teacher Shop.

Engage your students with labs that immerse them in history!!!

Okay just found this site. You can type in your own information in for the Cootie Catcher.It works from Powerpoint. I made one for Social Studies vocabulary. Great way for the students to practice vocabulary words.

Objectives Board This is the first year I have used an daily agenda. I stole the circular pattern from my teaching teammate... She's awesome!. I combined it with the learning objectives... so its an objective agenda board! Thats a mouthful! I write the objectives in "kid friendly language" and box or underline important concepts and words. It's clear and easy and everyone knows what we are doing! ...So simple... Its a keeper!

social studies - idea for history detective

Each divider/tab is a different Common Core Standard. Put printables in sheet projectors and pop it into the right section/standard in the binder. Who knew that the 26 tabs from Avery would be a PERFECT fit?

Social Studies Notebook

FREE!! Great anchor for students are still learning HOW to write well and they need strategies! These strategies, designed specifically for adolescents, can be used in ELA as well as all content areas to foster common language and help students transfer their writing skills to all classes and subjects. Includes 22 anchor charts, 3 student bookmarks, and 4 student checklists. Learning Objectives, Teaching Tips, and Common Core State Standards are all included. $10.60

Satisfy the common core requirement by using some of the great graphic organizers offered by DTT (scroll down to see tons of study/research organizers)

Standard 4: Knowledge of Content : The elementary teacher is knowledgeable, in addition to literacy and mathematics in HISTORY. Standard 4.1 = The teacher has demonstrated the ability to utilize content knowledge to ensure student learning.

FREE Current Events Recording Forms

Tons of Teaching -- May need to change a little, but I really like it!

Five Themes of Geography: Upper elementary and middle school mini unit for a social studies interactive notebook. It contains reading, foldables and exploratory activities!

Common Core Booster: Text-Based Answers (Sentence Writing Prompts) - MsJordanReads - TeachersPayTeachers.com

Learn how to use inquiry circles in Social Studies class. Great for reviewing topics, and teaching the Common Core.