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    Website for this image San Diego pet CPR first aid American Red Cross Infographic Full-size image 532 × 728 (Same size), 472KB More sizes Search by image Similar images Type: PNG Images may be subject to copyright.

  • Darien Kassulke

    Dog CPR. Everyone should know I hope I do not need #pet girl #Cute pet|

  • Redefine With Angela

    Dog CPR - Every Dog Owner Needs To Know This. @angelabuck #redefine #redefinewithangela #redefined #dog #pet #animal #cpr #health #healthy #canine #firstaid #tips

  • Bosley's by Pet Valu

    Dog CPR. This could save your dog's life! Source: American Red Cross - Please note that there is an associated risk with putting your face near your dog's mouth during this procedure of potentially being bitten.

  • ritamendez

    Know doggy CPR. | 25 Brilliant Lifehacks That Every Dog Owner Should Know -thats a good thing to know! -follow my profile for more pets things!

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Canine CPR. I know for humans it's to "Stayin' Alive," but what's the song for dogs to keep the beat?

Dog CPR - Be sure you'll be ready if you need to perform CPR on your dog.

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DOG CPR. I thought I was going to have to use this last night. Ugh.

One of the most critical tools in the effort to protect your #pet is the knowledge of simple pet health issues and procedures. Knowing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (#CPR), for example, can mean the difference between a minor scare and the untimely demise of your pet. If you value your pet's life then it's absolutely imperative that you learn how to perform this procedure as soon as possible. #dog #infographic

How to give Your Puppy CPR - this could save your pets life.

How to give your puppy CPR. Absolutely love this - helpful info- I did not know- hope no one ever needs to do this - but just in case!

Good to know, might save a dog's life one day! HUGE Disclaimer--Giving rescue breathes to a Dog (of any size)--be very careful. Similar to giving C.P.R. to a Baby. *DO NOT* blow "too hard" or you risk possible damage to a dogs lungs. Based on the size of the dog you should "know"--just be careful with your "Breaths" 2-Videos--On "Training" & "Real" Training *REAL* Video--Dog Trainer Saves Dog

Dog CPR. Good to know. Yes, I am this crazy.

So important for ALL pet owners to know CPR! April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month. Check out this helpful infographic from the Red Cross on pet CPR, and for more pet health tips, visit the Petplan pet insurance Virtual Clinic!