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Awesome Lady Gaga Acapella Cover SERIOUSLY people watch this. you will die laughing. it's SO funny. for me. watch it. hahaha

Blow Out Sale - Community's Danny Pudi stars in a 2010 short film by Timothy Kendall that unintentionally imagines what life might be like for Abed if he landed a job as a furniture salesman after graduating from Greendale.

▶ The Joni Mitchell Interview- A CBC Music Exclusive -

Justin Bieber's Backup Dancers Perform Impromptu Routine at Atlanta Airport to "Beauty & a Beat" (VIDEO

Justin Bieber's backup dancers flight got canceled, so they got up and danced in the airport instead. =D

Watch Jay Z explain why having President Barack Obama in office is so important to him. Then share with everyone you know:

Edgar Wright explores the art of close-ups with David Chen from and Be sure to buy Edgar Wright's newest film, "At World's End" on Blu-Ray and VOD: Thanks for watching! Here are a few more details on the making of this video essay: A few other videos I've made: …