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Banana Clips- My hair never looked so stylish. The trick was to pull your hair back so tight that your eyes would water and you would get a headache. Then you had it just right. But don't forget to backcomb those bangs, girl!

wore this a lot! 80's Banana Clips - 80's Womens Hair Clips Accessories -

OH yeah these were HUGE!! Basically, a banana shaped 2-piece comb, hinged at the bottom and clipped together at the top which made a BIG pony ta...

Banana Clips. Pretty sure I wore these every single day when I was in middle school!

braided ribbon barrettes... my mom made me TONS of these, with the beads.

feathered hair clips, otherwise known as roach clips. a favorite common carnival prize

I loved those butterfly clips! I bought a bunch of glow-in-the-dark for my butterfly girl, Alyna Spence I still use the little clips to pull my hair back like this, but it looks different w/ curls. Now where can I get some of those butterfly clips?...

It was all about how many of these (and how many different colors) you could get in your hair at once! Haha

The reason there are feather extensions today, 1980's feather roach clips! I remember teachers telling us to take them out. Too young to know why.

Genie ponytail hair clip - i always try to explain this to people and no one ever knows what i'm talking about lol