• Elisa Sajia

    i used to wear a lanyard with my key and ppl kept asking me where stuff was too, this was at any other store..lol

  • Wendy Zamudio

    LOL. Hate when I'm out and about wearing khaki pants and a red shirt, then realize I need to go to Target. So I end up at the ugly Walmart.

  • Alyson | New England Living

    Funny thing is I actually make sure I never wear a red shirt to Target.

  • Amy Shelly

    Haha!! No red on Target days! or blue shirts with khaki pants to Walmart!! LOL

  • Tiffany Dowd

    And nothing matches a red polo shirt better than khakis....

  • Muffin

    Just to know how many people would stop you and ask questions and then be absolutely disgusted when you said I'm sorry I don't work here....oh man can't stop laughing

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