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  • Athena Micropoulou

    The You Sexy Happy Thing

  • Elizabeth White

    Google Music matching explicit songs with clean ones, but contains a stopgap fix

  • Alassane

    Keep @google weird. Focus on the computer giant

  • DarwinMcLovin

    Google Labs felt like more than a simple department; it felt like a philosophy.

  • Brad Henderson

    This is an interesting article, I've lived in Portland and it does have the same vibe as Austin. In Dallas the vibe is Keep Dallas Plastic. It is very much facade and hairspray that keeps all the junk in place here. I think that there are cool ideas that get incubated everywhere, but like in Dallas you have to look closer and see the weirdness in the cracks and dark places :) Now if I had some of the Project Glass Goggles it might point them out with ease...

  • Cam Pritekel

    Android From da Hood

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