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Ruler growth chart
Easy DIY Ruler Growth Chart tutorial with decals from LittleAcornsbyRo on Etsy!
Squishy Forts - the world's first Pillow Fort Construction Kit
Children's Art: Scan art work and then print out in smaller size. Frame. Now make art gallery in hallways.
Lots of great shower gift ideas here! Check out this adorable growth chart. So I would lightly color code the little tags for each child; print their name on it and on the back write the year so over time you will have lots of cute tags with name, year and height adorably recorded!
No doubt he knows you love him, but does he know all the little reason why? Tug on his heartstrings withLovebook, and create a story entirely unique to you. Your perfect anniversary gift awaits at lovebookonline.com
Kids Art Wall, what a GREAT idea. Would love to try it in a different color pallet.