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Meryl Streep introduces Hillary Clinton at Women of the World Conference. Inspiring and important!

Jimmy Carter Denounces Sex Selective Abortion, Calls It 'Worst Human Rights Abuse on Earth'

No matter the color of our skin, texture or length of our hair, body shape, or taste in clothing we are ALL women and the laws created affect us all. So we must stand together and fight for what will be the best for our own self as well as those to come after us. Stay educated on the issues that surround us and let our voice be heard.

  • Lynda

    I can't fathom the mental processes of any woman who despises feminism, doesn't believe that women should be equal in the eyes of the law, and entitled to make her own decisions regarding when and whether she will bear children.

  • Lynda

    But if Margaret chooses (thanks to feminism, she has rights to make choices) she can live like she is in pre-feminist times -- no protection from wife-beating, not able to open a credit card in her own name, be treated in the workplace with the same respect as an imbecilic child. I'm sure she'd LOVE it.

  • Lynda

    I am unsure what your issue is with my comment, there is no passive aggressiveness there. I am stating the advances that were made through the work of feminists in the 60s and 70s. In fact, I don't understand your comment at all. Even if you correct the where to were and close-minded for closed-minded, the sentence still makes no sense. Perhaps it got confused in editing.

  • Lynda

    Feminism, of course, will ultimately benefit both men and women. But thanks to right wing hate mongers like Rush and his ilk, the association with the word feminism has come to mean something so incorrect that women are convinced that being feminist is a bad thing. How could you not be on the side of a cause that promotes equality for both genders?

  • NappyHeadedBlackGirl

    Awesome is all I can say =) ( to the picture not about the comments.. It's sad people fight about something that's supposed to be positive)

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Betty Ford. I liked how outspoken she was on social issues - equal rights, women's rights, abortion, equal pay & her own alcohol and drug issues. She definitely was not a mouse.

Women's history month - without these women we'd still be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. Thank you to them all.

UNICEF: Girls around the world talk about their lives and their rights. 3 women from different times talk about women rights. Persuasive techniques

marilyn monroe, rocking wooden shoes.

Barack and Michelle on their 20 years of marriage. OFA.BO/fLwT9v

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A documentary about the woman suffragists Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony and their fight for the rights of women.

Michelle killing it