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They failed to say, you can drive to Paradise in the north, Hell in the south or enjoy Christmas all year round in Michigan.

THIS is where I'm from...only Michiganders with understand this haha

i love this so hard! seriously, the WI tourism board should pay to buy these for everyone who moves out of state.

You know you're from Michigan if..... Hahaha! The boating one! I remember getting a class in 7th grade that let us get our boating license!

You know you're from Michigan when you use your hand as a map. :)

You know you're from Michigan if... Mostly true for me, except for a few things..

Moonrise over the Carp River Michigan Like or repin is amazing. Check out All My Love by Noelito Flow =)

this is pretty close to Oregon, except red should just say rain/overcast

Michigan. Even though living here may hurt at times for one reason or another, I still love you and call you my home. ♥