Metal oak leaves


oak leaves!

Stained Glass Oak Leaves

Oak leaves

acorn and oak leaves door knocker

An ancient oak door in an Elizabethan mansion

Oak tree leaves & acorns

Oak Leaves & Acorns The mighty oak tree, often represented as oak leaves and acorns, signifies strength, honor, longevity and steadfastness.

birth of an oak - felted wool brooch with an acorn

Love this screen door

Squirrel with Oak Leaves and Acorns

hand-carved gourd bowl as oak leaves

oak leaf

oak leaves and acorns

Oak Branch Door Knocker by Incandescent Ironworks, Ltd.

Oak Leaf Door Knocker - Blacksmith Made by Adrian Stapleton

Acorn and Oak Leaf Door Knocker

Old Oak Doors

Oak leaf embroidered on tea bag