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  • Sarah

    Even BIG DOGS can have epilepsy or dog seizures CLICK TO LEARN INFO that will make your puppies life better!

  • Katie Decker

    polar bear puppy

  • Mary Lou Gray Gaul

    My neighbors have a Great Pyrenes puppy! She's not quite this big...yet!

  • Pet Well Being

    One big dog --a great Pyrenees!! My aunt has 2 fully grown ones, Sadie and Troubles :) mother and son! They are huuge, friendly and adorable<3 :) Big Dogs = Man's Best Friend /

  • Lisa Nulton

    Cuddle buddy!!!!! These guys are just big teddy bears. I love them. They are great with kids and all animals.

  • Anita Carter Fessler

    Great Pyrenees - Big bear. We have one of these also; she lives with the goats but she's still a teddy bear!

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This guy has this dog and she cant walk anymore. So he takes her out for a walk everyday in a wheelchair.

Love my weenie dog :-) Love this photographer, she is amazing. I wish I lived in Australia.

The routine of caring for a pet can bring structure and purpose to daily life. Maybe you don't always want to get out of bed, but your pet wants you to. Isn't that a good thing?

Reminds me of Ella, only downside with my dog is that she usually wakes me between 3:30-4:00 a.m. to play.

This reminds me of my cocker spaniel, Bandit! He was a tricolor cocker so he was black, brown and white!

SO CUTE. I want one! :) here to find out more

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Are you my pillow? Well actually no choice cause u r now! Peace & comfort among friends! Love it!

Friends....., I trained my first rescue akita to let the cats play with him because he had a fan club of two cats who loved walking with us when I walked him.

Imprinting (Baby-Duck- Syndrome). Growing up with christian parents make people act like christians, when they become adult. They are only able to break out, if they receive a conciousness of the real sense of their life. Hardly 10% of them will do it.