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Funny Friendship Ecard: Dear Alcohol, We had a deal that you would make me prettier, funnier and a better dancer. I saw the video, We need to talk.

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 37 Pics

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 37 Pics

And honey... at least I dont have a man chin with a five head and at least I didnt grow up a fatty... you was a fatty and ugly from the beginning... btw he loves my body sleep on that...

Funny Confession Ecard: I'm not saying I 'hate' you, but I catch myself fantasizing about you being attacked by honey badgers, barefoot in a desert of legobricks, near a Bieber concert.

Fifty Shades, baby.

Funny 50 Shades Of Grey captions! If you like the captions of this post – Funny 50 Shades Of Grey captions, and other photos & images on this website,.

Funny Workplace Ecard: Don't let people push you around. Unless you're in a wagon, 'cause that shit is fun.

I am on the wagon.perhaps I need to be in the wagon? Wanting me to pull her around hiwassee in a wagon

"Kiss my ass! You cheated on me in my dream last night and I'm not over it!"    This sounds like my husband, not me.

My husband said I woke up and slapped him one night and the next morning I told him I had a dream he cheated on me.

You my dear, are the Muthafuckin Shit.

When I was a child I thought Nap Time was a Punishment. Now as a Mom, Nap Time Feels like I Won a Vacation!

12 Reasons Shoes are Better Than Guys | GirlsGuideTo

Funny Confession Ecard: If a woman is bad at parking, it's only because she is constantly lied to about what 8 inches is.

I don't have to say it, but we all know it's true

I know some ppl like this. and they know me. Lemme catch one of them trying to roast marshmallows on my fire. I'll give them a BIG HUG so we can roast together.

Funny Friendship Ecard: Friends do not judge each other, they judge people together.

Friends do not judge each other, they judge people together. ha ha so bad and true!