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Beauty and the Beast by Gwynneth Kovacs

Tom Whalen's 'La Belle et la Bête' for AcidFree Gallery's 'Fables and Fairytales' exhibition.

I never knew books could do that Belle: Do what? Beast: Take me away from this place, make me forget for a little while.

beauty and the beast--omg this is THE RIGHT COLOR FOR YOUR DRESS!!!!

Dreaming of visiting the new Fantasyland? I can help! My email is mailto:sherry@enc... my services are free to you!

DAY 7: Favorite castle- Beauty and the Beast again. This castle was just so freaking cool. It was all light and beautiful- a perfect, pristine, awesome castle until the prince who lived there was a shallow jackass. And then the prince was turned into a beast and the castle became a dark, foreboding gothic romance novel setting with angels turned to gargoyles and shattered hopes represented in a torn portrait, the broken glass of a mirror, claw marks in the curtains... I kind of love it.

Beastly Garden by Guy Vasilovich (Belle ~ Beauty and the Beast)