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Classic winter scene from the 1950s-girl's had their dresses on over their snowpants!

Honeymoon wear - of course! Lilly Pulitzer ad from June 1968

The way life should be!

Gas Station Attendant... What luxury and a thing of the past.

Dust bowl life. Interesting fact: when the flour companies learned that the poor in the dust bowl were sewing flour bags together to make dresses and other clothing for the children, they began selling their flour in different decorative bags with flowers and such things printed on them so that the "clothing" made would be a bit more attractive and fun. And the little girls really appreciated that. It's the little things....

American Diner by at the table

Once Upon a Time in War: Photo

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

Alfred Eisenstaedt Soldier hugging his wife goodbye at Penn Station before he leaves for war. New York, 1944

President Franklin D. Roosevelt addressing the American people after Germanys invasion of Poland, September 1939.

Albert Einstein receiving US citizenship papers from Judge Phillip Forman, January 1940. In 1933, with Nazism gaining power, Einstein renounced his German citizenship, left the country and eventually ended up the United States. After the Second World War and the Holocaust becoming public knowledge, Einstein refused to have anything to do with Germany.

A small propaganda billboard at the Oak Ridge Facility warning workers to keep silent with regards to anything seen or heard there. The Oak Ridge Facility was where the development of the atom bomb was undertaken. A vast majority of those working at the facility had no idea they were taking part in the Manhattan Project.

9th Armored Division technician Alvin Harley with a little French girl on Valentine’s Day, 14 Feb 1945

"The brutality and inhumanity of war stood in great contrast to what I had heard and read about as a youth."

Once Upon a Time in War

Once Upon a Time in War: Photo

Prime Minister Winston Churchill on the HMS Kelvin on the way to the Normandy landing grounds, 12 June 1944

The men who raised the second flag over Iwo Jima.

An English boy points out his destroyed room to some friends after surviving the night, 1940

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